Chef’s Choice 9-Inch Kitchen Shears

Chef's Choice 9-Inch Kitchen Shears - Buy Chef's Choice 9-Inch Kitchen Shears - Purchase Chef's Choice 9-Inch Kitchen Shears (Chef's Choice, Home & Garden, Categories, Kitchen & Dining, Cook's Tools & Gadgets)
Chef’s Choice 9-Inch Kitchen Shears
Professional Kitchen-Poultry Shears, Forged, 9″ (23 cm) Powerful and extremely sharp, these beautiful, rugged multipurpose shears are designed for effortless cutting. Fully forged from surgical stainless steel, the handcrafted contemporary design features full metal construction. Each curved blade is a sleek, one-piece extension of a brushed steel handle. The lower blade features grip-enhancing serrations and a powerful, bone-cracking notch. The cutting blade is finished with an extremely sharp, precision cutting edge. Heavy-duty, slip-resistant construction makes an easy, quick job of boning and cutting poultry, cutting vegetables, meat and fish. Handy safety latch keeps shears closed for safe storage. Comes apart for easy cleaning. Part Number: 2006000. Limited lifetime warranty.. Usually ships in 1-2 business days
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